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Want to Start a Babywearing Group…Here’s How!

Some great tips from Giselle at Nurture Baby…Naturally on starting a babywearing group in your area.  Helpful advice even if you have a group going already.  I’ll be using her tips on building a sling library for sure!

Callum modeling a Bamberoo wrap conversion mei tai at a Triangle Babywearers' meeting.

Joining or creating a babywearing group is a great way to learn about other carriers and to try before you buy.  Plus it is always nice to meet new mama friends and have another outlet for kiddo socializing!  I’m a member of Triangle Babywearers, which serves the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill (go Heels!) area.   This time last year, the group had drifted apart as many of the core members had either moved away or now had older children.  Several of us have been working to revive the group and things are trucking along quite nicely.  We have a new core group of mamas who attend our monthly meetings and we have started attracting new folks as well.   Right now, our meetings are fairly informal affairs; we all bring some fluff, help each other learn new carries, and pass on our knowledge to newbies.

Now that we have a strong core group, we’ll be able to build our own sling library and start advertising more widely.  One of our group leaders had business cards printed up for us – very nice to be able to hand out a card when you are asked about your carrier!  Vista Print offers free for shipping and handling business cards – an easy way to get cards for folks in your group.

Are you a member of a babywearing group?  We’d love to hear what you think makes a successful group work (and I might just steal some of your ideas for Triangle Babywearers!).

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