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Your Baby is NOT a “Bad” Sleeper: Common Sense Thinking About Infant Sleep

Let me let you in on an important secret that society doesn’t seem to want us to know about sleep.  Babies wake up.  Sometimes a lot.  Older babies wake up too.  So do toddlers.  Even school aged kids wake up.  And you know what?  Adults often wake in the night…

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Since Everyone Else Does a Cry-It-Out Post….Here’s Mine

Eleanor just turned 5 months old.  Which means the conversation around “sleep-training” and “cry-it-out” methods is well underway in the mama groups I follow.  While I’m admittedly anti-CIO, that’s not really the point of this post.  Instead I want to address the pressure that many parents feel to use CIO…


Safe Bedsharing/Co-Sleeping (and how it happened in our house)

  “…perhaps no other issue has been so often misrepresented and grossly oversimplified as parent-infant cosleeping.” -James McKenna, Cultural Influences on Infant Sleep We never planned on bedsharing with our baby. I read about it while I was pregnant, and the idea appealed to me, but the warnings against it…