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Your Baby is NOT a “Bad” Sleeper: Common Sense Thinking About Infant Sleep

Let me let you in on an important secret that society doesn’t seem to want us to know about sleep.  Babies wake up.  Sometimes a lot.  Older babies wake up too.  So do toddlers.  Even school aged kids wake up.  And you know what?  Adults often wake in the night…

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Why I Nurse In Public

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, another post about breastfeeding! When I was pregnant with Callum and first researching breastfeeding, I wasn’t sure how I felt about nursing in public (NIP).  You see, once upon a time I, too, thought nursing in public was a bit…odd.  What did I know?…


Breastfeeding – Right or Privilege? How American Society Causes Inequalities in Breastfeeding…And How We Can Do Better

The fabulous Best for Babes recently released their 2011 State of Breastfeeding in the US report.  Best for Babes focuses on breastfeeding education and support, particularly in helping women to recognize and overcome “booby traps” that often impede successful breastfeeding relationships.  According to their statistics (taken I believe from the…