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Category: Parenting

Little Kid; Big Bed

I am a proud bed sharer, although at this point I suppose I should start saying “former bed sharer” – like all transitions and milestones in Callum’s life, this one has been bittersweet.  While bed sharing (sharing the same sleeping space as your child) or co-sleeping (sleeping in the same…

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Negative Phase

I think we’ve reached the dreaded negative phase. I heard about it, but kept denying that it would happen to us. I’ve been getting this face about 35 times per day: And I can’t help but laugh when he makes this face. It just cracks me up that he is so…


Mama Mentors

When I was growing up, I had a “Friday Mom.” She was my aunt, Laurie, and she babysat my siblings and I every Friday night. Of course, I thought she was the coolest person in the world. She would let us eat cookie dough, listen to rock music, and watch…

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Finding Support

I think it started as soon as I started telling people I was pregnant. I hadn’t felt so much peer pressure since middle school. Suddenly, my life became open to all kinds of advice and criticism. Simply because I was growing a tiny embryo, everyone decided that they knew what…