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Category: Parenting

Shopping…With a Conscience

Since it’s Black Friday/Local Saturday/Cyber Monday season, it’s hard to avoid thoughts of shopping.  I admit…I like to shop…too much probably.  Like most Americans, I have a bit of a consumerism problem (I could bore you at this point with my long academic ramblings on the subject…but I’ll spare you!).…

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Nine In; Nine Out

Just over 9 months ago, we welcomed Eleanorinto the world!   Today, while visiting a friend with a wee 3 week old, I was struck by just how much change happens in the first 9 months of life.  Our babies undergo more physical, mental, and emotional changes in that time than…


Since Everyone Else Does a Cry-It-Out Post….Here’s Mine

Eleanor just turned 5 months old.  Which means the conversation around “sleep-training” and “cry-it-out” methods is well underway in the mama groups I follow.  While I’m admittedly anti-CIO, that’s not really the point of this post.  Instead I want to address the pressure that many parents feel to use CIO…


Give Me a Break

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and by a while, I’m pretty sure it’s been months. (Thanks, Meredith, for carrying on without me!). Part of the reason I disappeared was because I changed jobs after five years at my previous job, and my new job isn’t nearly as…