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Share Your Breastfeeding Story or Be Inspired by Others

I wanted to give a shout out to a wonderful project started by another mama: Simple Gift: Stories From Breastfeeding Mamas.  Many of us rely on the wisdom and experience of other mamas as we begin our breastfeeding journey.  Hearing how others met and dealt with the challenges and joys of nursing can be the perfect encouragement and support a nursing mama needs.  Simple Gift publishes these stories; each blog post is written by a nursing mama and tells of her breastfeeding journey.

Generations ago, women learned about breastfeeding from their mothers, sisters, and other women in their community.  Today, many of us do not have that built in support.  We may know no one else who has nursed or may face challenges unlike any mother we know has faced.  Reading of others’ breastfeeding experiences can be one way to continue the tradition of learning from each other.  Nursing mamas are stronger and more successful together.

I’d encourage you to share your breastfeeding stories – both the trials and the triumphs.  To contribute, contact Simple Gift .  Or visit the blog to read stories written by other nursing mamas.  Reading and sharing our breastfeeding stories is part of the simple gift of nursing.

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