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Becoming Mamas Posts

I Feel “Sew” Crafty!

About 10 years ago I bought a refurbished Singer – nothing fancy but a solid little machine.  I’d always wanted to learn to sew in large part because I always remember my mother sewing.  I had a killer collection of doll clothes, the most adorable little kid outfits.  And jams…remember…


Breastfeeding – Right or Privilege? How American Society Causes Inequalities in Breastfeeding…And How We Can Do Better

The fabulous Best for Babes recently released their 2011 State of Breastfeeding in the US report.  Best for Babes focuses on breastfeeding education and support, particularly in helping women to recognize and overcome “booby traps” that often impede successful breastfeeding relationships.  According to their statistics (taken I believe from the…


Nine In; Nine Out

Just over 9 months ago, we welcomed Eleanorinto the world!   Today, while visiting a friend with a wee 3 week old, I was struck by just how much change happens in the first 9 months of life.  Our babies undergo more physical, mental, and emotional changes in that time than…


My “No Poo” Experiment

First…my apologies for a rather long silence – I seem to be running in too many directions these days!  Pledging to make more regular posts – so hold me to it!  Now on to the post… I’ve been annoyed with my hair for some time.  The massive postpartum hair loss…