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Shopping…With a Conscience

Since it’s Black Friday/Local Saturday/Cyber Monday season, it’s hard to avoid thoughts of shopping.  I admit…I like to shop…too much probably.  Like most Americans, I have a bit of a consumerism problem (I could bore you at this point with my long academic ramblings on the subject…but I’ll spare you!).…

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Let’s Make a Mei Tai (or Onbu)!! Part II: Putting It All Together

Welcome to Part II of my mei tai/onbu tutorial!!  Now that you’ve gotten all your pieces assembled from Part I (which you should read first if you haven’t already)…time to sew!!   I’m going to describe the order in which I put things together.  Remember, there are some different ways to…

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Are You Ready for International Babywearing Week?!

It’s that time of year again…International Babywearing Week time!   As a project of Babywearing International, International Babywearing Week is designed to promote and celebrate safe babywearing.  This year’s theme – Carrying On Traditions – acknowledges the long history of babywearing.  Although babywearing has increased in visibility and popularity in…

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Review: Action Baby Carrier

I’ve always dabbled in all carrier types (research, right??), but never really found the love for buckles – the fit was never quite perfect and I had a hard time getting the higher back carry I prefer.  But when Eleanor decided to be a leg-straightening banshee leaner…my go-to shorties (which…

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Why I Nurse In Public

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, another post about breastfeeding! When I was pregnant with Callum and first researching breastfeeding, I wasn’t sure how I felt about nursing in public (NIP).  You see, once upon a time I, too, thought nursing in public was a bit…odd.  What did I know?…

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