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CPSC Issues Another Sling Recall…But Misses the Mark on Sling Safety

On June 2, the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission issued a recall of Sprout Stuff Ring Slings.  Only about 40 of the recalled slings are in circulation according the recall press release.  One infant death (in 2007) is attributed to the sling. Unlike the Infantino recall in March 2010, this…


Would You Eat in the Restroom?

My Facebook page is currently all abuzz about the recently published blog post by Heather W. a blogger for Better Homes and Gardens on Yahoo’s Shine.  Apparently, Heather W. feels that babies belong in the bathroom, specifically nursing babies.  In her “10 Commandments of Dining with Little Kids” she writes:…


Meredith’s Intro

About halfway through my labor, right when the contractions were really starting to pick up and I was beginning to understand why they call the thing “labor,” I started to panic.  I thought I was prepared for childbirth; I’d read books and birth stories, educated myself about the various options,…

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Holly’s Intro

“Mama?” my son says to me in the most desperate, pathetic voice possible. “Yes, baby?” I ask. “Maaa Maaaa…” he says again, holding his arms out to me, sounding even more desperate. This scenario plays out at least a dozen times a day in our house. Of course, I always…

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