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New Video Tutorial: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Ever since Eleanor was born, I’ve been meaning to re-do my newborn front wrap cross carry video.  And I finally did…only she’s not a newborn anymore!!  But that’s ok because this carry works great for babies of any size and age.

In the “newborn” video, I show how to wrap a baby legs in (froggy legged).  It is fine to do it that way although my preference is to do legs out from birth.  I didn’t actually know that was my preference when I made the first video since I didn’t start wrapping until Callum was two months old (we started with a mei tai!)…but now I do.  Guess I’ll just have to have another baby one day to fix the video – darn 🙂

Here we are demo-ing Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) in a woven wrap:

What would you like to see us do next??

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