New Video: Newborn Wrapping

Ok, so we don’t have a newborn (yet!) to use for this demo, but stuffed jaguar was happy to stand in! Here’s our tutorial on the Front Wrap Cross Carry and Front Cross Carry (wrap carries). What carry would you like to see us demo next??

pixel New Video:  Newborn Wrapping
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5 comments to New Video: Newborn Wrapping

  • Danielle

    Great video! Thanks for posting. I would love to see your suggestion for a beginner friendly back carry (my little guy is 9 months old).

    • Meredith

      Pretty much any back carry works for a 9 month old. I often suggest starting with back wrap cross carry since it’s so similar to front wrap cross carry. I prefer ruck or double hammock though as I like to wear kiddo higher on my back (I have videos for both on the wrap guide page). Ruck is probably fastest but it does take the most care in terms of getting a good seat. I’d suggest trying each one and seeing which feels the most comfortable for both of you!

  • Great demo Meredith! I need a rucksack carry tied in front demo for someone who is brand new to wraps. Also a tying tibetan demo so you can get chestbelt type support from a wrap.

  • monica

    This is AWESOME! Thanks so much Meredith! I am going to practice tonight :) I know this sounds silly, but could you do one with the ring sling – I still don’t feel like he’s in there secure enough? If no video, maybe some tips? I know the ring sling is supposed to be the easiest but this new mamma can’t seem to perfect it :) Thanks again!

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