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My “No Poo” Experiment

First…my apologies for a rather long silence – I seem to be running in too many directions these days!  Pledging to make more regular posts – so hold me to it!  Now on to the post…

My the time of "poo"

I’ve been annoyed with my hair for some time.  The massive postpartum hair loss is never good for one’s hair self esteem!  But I’ve also been in a hair rut for some time.  You may have noticed that in almost every picture I’m sporting the same messy ponytail…and that’s been true since before I had kids 🙂  Recently, I had my hair cut shorter again – and it’s super cute…when it behaves.  I have hair that can’t decide if it wants to be straight or wavy so instead it goes for frizz.  Couple that with my impatience with anything requiring styling products or a hair dryer and well…my cute do ends up a hot mess.

A while back I stumbled across the idea of going “no poo” – as in no shampoo.  Usually this means “washing” one’s hair a few times a week with a baking soda mixture and vinegar rinse.  I love using those products to clean around the house, but I admit to being a tad skeptical about their use as hair products.  Still…the raves got me intrigued.   After all, that pricey Wen stuff (you know the infomercials full of beautiful hair!) operates on the same principle – shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils…and its natural oils are what makes it behave.  Hair overacts to this stripping by producing too much oil thus necessitating more shampoo… and then more product to try to get back to a good level of oil.

Given that baking soda and vinegar are way cheaper than Wen (although I imagine Wen still gives you that “shampoo smell” that some may miss!), what do I have to lose??

I’ve read that the first couple of weeks of “no poo-ing” can result in rather greasy hair as your hair adjusts and tries to find its natural oil equilibrium.  But if one manages to find the right balance of baking soda and vinegar, one should come out with shiny, silky hair at the end of the greasy stage.   Here’s hoping!

There are loads of sites discussing the “no poo” method and using baking soda as shampoo, so plenty of folks to help you troubleshoot should your “no poo” routine encounter problems.   Too much baking soda can dry out your hair; too much vinegar can make it greasy.  For now, I’ve decided to go with….

1 tablespoon of baking soda per 8 ounces of water followed by a rinse of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 7 parts water.  Now I’m not sure how much of this mix I should use per “wash” so some experimenting will occur.   I already only wash my hair every other day so I’m going to stick with that schedule for now (on off days, it does get a rinse with water).  I’m most interested to see if the baking soda will do the job when my hair is sweaty….I’ll keep ya posted!


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