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Mead Johnson Discontinuing their Chocolate Toddler Formula

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? Or, uh, chocolate baby formula?

No wait… chocolate formula?

Unfortunately, it appears that we won’t be able to get our chocolate formula anymore.

Apparently, the Enfagrow Chocolate Toddler Formula was intended to provide “nutritional support” for toddlers in the form of a chocolate drink. It is not actually toddler formula as the name, label and marketing suggest.  According to this article on, Mead Johnson claims “misunderstanding and mischaracterization” of the product’s intended use, and appears to blame the debate in the media and among parents for this mischaracterization.  Yet, the front of the formula can clearly says, “Toddler Formula,” and it clearly says its naturally and artificially flavored with chocolate. Their quotes in the this Forbes article make it sound as if Mead Johnson is the poor victim of a slander campaign by parents and the media.

How ignorant we are for assuming a can labeled, “Toddler Formula” was formula and not just a supplemental drink that is “superior” to other beverages like grape and apple juice. According to the Forbes article, we are misunderstanding the role this drink is supposed to play in a child’s diet. The Atlantic also points out that the package contains a Nutrition Facts label rather than a Supplement Facts label. But this is all our fault.

How about they stop calling a supplemental drink “Formula” and then maybe we’ll stop misinterpreting their intentions?

To me, this sounds like another decietful marketing tactic from a formula company. In fact, a research study from Australia appears to suggest that toddler formula advertising is just another way to market infant formula. The AAP recommends whole milk and a balanced diet after 12 months if the baby is not breastfeeding. As far as I can see, toddler formula is just one more expensive product to add to the ridiculously overcrowded baby market.

If you are disappointed with move by Mead Johnson to pull their chocolate toddler formula, never fear. Their toddler formula still comes in vanilla. Apparently, people were only upset about the chocolate version.

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