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Diaper Review: Bright Star Baby All-in-Ones

Bright Star Baby Diapers are now Peachy Green Diapers – same diapers; new label!!

Eleanor in her super cute small Fishnoodles

When Callum was little, I tried all sorts of diapers in the quest to find the perfect dipes for us.  I never found an all-in-one that I loved.  Some came close but we had a lot of trouble getting a good fit around his relatively skinny thighs.  If it leaks/wicks, it doesn’t stick around.  I also prefer dipes that are cotton, hemp, or bamboo.  I gave up on all-in-ones after the first few months of cloth diapering and stuck with my trusty fitteds and prefolds.  But after Callum turned one, I got an itch to find an all-in-one that really worked for us – something with natural fibers and a nice trim fit.  Enter Fishnoodles!

Callum sporting a size 2 Bright Star AIO

Since I discovered Fishnoodles over a year ago, the company has introduced a new, improved version of their fabulous diaper and has re-branded themselves as Bright Star Baby (in addition to AIOs, they offer front and side snap covers in various sizes).  When I first heard their AIO diapers were changing, I was quite sad.  But after giving them a go, I’m convinced that they managed to make a great product even better!

I’ve had Fishnoodles and Bright Star AIOs in Callum’s stash for about a year.  And I’ve been using them with Eleanor since she was born as well.  Here’s my take on how they rate:

  • Super Trim Fitting: Bright Star AIOs are by far the trimmest cloth diaper I’ve tried; really, they are pretty much as trim as a sposie.  This makes them a great option for those who dislike CD bulk or if you have an outfit that isn’t forgiving on a cute fluffy bum.
  • Side Snapping: I find that side snaps give a better fit since you can adjust the waist and legs independently (there are 4 snap settings for each).  I also find them easier to get on a squirming baby for some reason (maybe I’m just weird!).  Side snaps make for a better fit on my relatively skinny thigh kiddos as well (I can’t speak to how they fit on chunkier thighs but if you know, please share!).  And snaps just stay so much nicer than aplix in my opinion, so I don’t miss the fact that they don’t offer an aplix option.
  • Snap in Soaker:One of the downsides to many AIOs is the dry time.  A snap in soaker solves that problem – these dry really quickly despite all the layers.  I also like that BSB offers an optional hemp booster if you need extra absorbency.  I’ve used these with Callum who is a pretty heavy soaker; they do the job and don’t really add extra bulk.  The downside to the snap in soaker is that you do have to be careful that everything is tucked in when you diaper, but that’s a worthwhile trade off for the fast drying time.

    Check out that trim fit!
  • Natural Fibers: Bright Star inners and soakers are made from bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp (for the boosters) and are Oeko-Tex certified to be free of nasties.  The PUL (yes, I know that’s not a natural fiber!) outers are the softest I’ve felt.  All materials have held up beautifully through machine washing and drying.  The inners and soakers do stain but not excessively so and sun out nicely.
  • Stretch: One of my favorite things about these dipes is the way they stretch.  The waist has elastic in the back only so it doesn’t bind little tummies.  And they really do fit a wide weight range.  Bright Star Baby lists their size 1 AIO as fitting from 12 to 28 pounds.  I actually have found that Eleanor can just about safely wear them at 11.5 pounds and Callum could still squeeze in them at closer to 30.  Legs are where I’ve had the most trouble with fit on diapers; these have trim leg openings (as in no bulky elastic) and don’t have issues with the inner rolling out of the legs.  I’ve so far had no issues with elastic wear or problems with the diapers retaining their shape.
  • Sizing: I’m not a fan of one-sized diapers because I don’t care for the bulk on wee babies.  Bright Star AIOs come in 3 sizes:  size 0 (fits 7 to 16 pounds), size 1 (fits 12 to 28 pounds) and size 2 (fits 24-35 pounds).   Basically, the size 1 fits a weight range like many one size diapers (although there is no option to adjust the rise) but without the bulk.  I like that there is the option for a smaller diaper for wee ones.  And a bigger option for those who have bigger babies or don’t have early potty learners.
  • Performance: I’m happy to report that these dipes can contain both toddler pee and breastfed baby poop!  I’m always a bit scared to put something without gussets on a pre-solids baby for fear of blowouts, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that we’ve had no issues so far with Eleanor and leaking of any sort in these dipes – and she is not a dainty pooper 😉  Callum is a super soaker, but these dipes can contain him for several hours.  The only leak issues I’ve had are when I’ve let him go too long and the diaper is literally dripping; then I’ve gotten minor wicking around the edges.   As I mentioned before, you do have to make sure you’ve not accidentally let the soaker hang out to avoid wicking, but I think that’s true of pretty much any cloth diaper.

My cloth diaper babies:  Callum is 2.5 and about 30 pounds and 36 inches in these pictures; he wears size 2s on the second snap setting currently.  Eleanor is 2 months and about 11.5 pounds and 24 inches; she wears Fishnoodles small (about equivalent to the BSB size 0) on the second snap setting or a size 1 on the first snap setting.

Want to try a Bright Star Baby all-in-one for yourself?  Head on over to their online store and use the discount code BSB223 for 10% off your purchase (plus free shipping for orders of over $58 in the US and Canada)!  This code is only valid through July 3rd so hurry!

UPDATE:  Bright Star Baby has changed names again!  They are now Peachy Green Diapers.

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