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Celebrating International Babywearing Week

October 6-12 is International Babywearing Week.  This year’s theme is “Safe Babywearing:  Enjoy the Benefits” – a very apt theme indeed as a vote on the babywearing industry’s voluntary safety standards takes place this week!!

Here are 5 simple ways that you can help celebrate…and keep your babies close!

1. Wear your baby!!  That’s an easy one of course, but the fact is that the best publicity for babywearing is doing it publicly.  I’ve had countless folks ask me about my carriers while out and about – so much so that I made “mama cards” with basic info to hand out.  Demonstrating safe wearing is an excellent way to educate other parents on the benefits of babywearing – whether it’s at the grocery store, the zoo, the park, or on national TV like these wrapping mamas.  Wear proudly!

A Wrap Nap at the Zoo

2. Try out a new carry or carrier.  This would be a great week to finally give a back carry a go.  Or  upgrade from your newborn carrier to something more supportive for a heavier baby.  Or maybe you need a better way to wear your up and down toddler.  There are lots of carrier options – something that’s just right for every age and stage!  And since carriers have a relatively high re-sale value, you can always trade in the old in order to try out the new (or pre-loved)!

3. Need an easy way to find that perfect new carrier or carry?  Be active in your local babywearing group and you’ll have access to other mamas’ knowledge and carrier stashes!  Need to find one?  Check the listings on TheBabywearer or Granola Babies; you can also try searching Yahoo Groups, MeetUp, or Facebook.   No group in your area?  Consider starting one – it’s easier than you think!

4. Support babywearing advocacy groups like Babywearing International and the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.  Even a small contribution goes a long way towards promoting safe babywearing.  Amazing things are happening in babywearing advocacy right now; you can be a part of this grassroots effort.

5. Spread the word about great babywearing resources like and the Babywearing Safety Facebook page.  If you aren’t able to answer someone’s carrier questions, these sites likely will.  Our babywearing guide has further information sources that you can pass along to novice babywearers.  All of these make great links to include on a “mama card”…to hand out when you get questions about your carrier 😉

Are you doing anything special to celebrate this week?  We’d love to hear about it!

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