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Carrier Review: Hoppediz Hop-Tye Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

As you may have gathered from our babywearing guide, I’m a huge wrap fan.  But I’ve also always had a soft spot for mei tais (as my first carrier was a Babyhawk mei tai) and use them regularly as well.  Wrap conversion mei tais are a perfect blend of the two – as the name suggests, they are simply a mei tai constructed from wrap fabric.  There are many small businesses that offer wrap conversion services.  Beautiful carriers for sure but they can be tough to come by as these are very small (sometimes just one mama!) operations (for more on mei tai features and a list of brands, check out our mei tai guide).

Eleanor snuggles in our Maimi Hop-Tye

Several wrap manufacturers have released their own wrap conversion mei tais; these are an easier way to get your WC mei tai fix without having to stalk for a custom slot.   Some of these have features that make them particularly good for small babies and newborns.  As the mama of a small baby…I had to try one.

The Hoppediz Hop-Tye appealed to me for two reasons:  First, Hopps are known as great “workhorse” wraps – they only get better with love and abuse; those are the kind of wraps that make the best conversions in my opinion.  Second, the Hopp-Tye features an adjustable width base, making it possible to put even a newborn in legs out (which is my preference over froggy legging).

Hop-Tye with the hood up

There aren’t a ton of Hop-Tyes to be found on this side of the pond yet, but you can snag one through Zerberts (and Ruth is wonderful to work with).   And if you want to try a Hop-Tye for yourself, use the coupon code “mamas” from now through the end of August to save 10% on your Zerberts purchase.

Now without further ado…here’s my review of the Hoppediz Hop-Tye!

  • Material:  My Hop-Tye is made from Hopp Miami – it’s definitely a pink wrap!  Even before a wash, Miami was pretty soft and floppy.  And like all Hopps, I’m sure she’ll only get softer and snuggler with use.  Hopps vary in thickness; Miami feels thinner than some others I’ve tried so it doesn’t feel overwhelming in the heat.  The buttons and toggles are plastic and match the wrap perfectly.  Since there are only a few plastic bits for the hood and to adjust the waist, nothing but soft, snugly wrap touches baby or you.

    The wrap straps spread nice and wide across your back making for a comfortable carry.
  • Shoulder Straps:  The Hop-Tye has wrap style straps (no padding) – you can see how they fan at the shoulder and spread wide across the back making for a very comfortable carry .  Wrap straps are great too because they can be spread over the bum for extra support (although mine are in a Lexi twist in the pictures).  While they aren’t my first choice for back carries, I love wrap style straps in a front carry since they do spread over the shoulders so nicely.  The straps are a generous 88 inches meaning they should be long enough for just about everyone.  They were long enough for me to bring behind and then tie back in front (with more room to spare).   If you are on the smaller side and found the extra length annoying, it would be simple enough to hem them shorter.

    With the hood rolled up to form a headrest.
  • Waist Strap:  The waist strap is actually two straps, one from each side of the base of the carrier.  The waist is lightly padded which I do think adds to the comfort as it doesn’t cut into your waist as a result.  I did find that I had to tie in the padding a bit as I have a fairly narrow waist.  It didn’t affect the fit of the carrier really though since the padding is so light.  The padded portion of the waist is about 12 inches; the entire strap is 25 inches (those are measured from where they attach to the body of the carrier.
  • Adjustable Body:  One of the biggest selling points of this mei tai is how adjustable it is for a smaller baby.  The bottom of the carrier has a draw cord that can narrow the base down enough for even a newborn to be legs out (from 16 inches down to 8 inches).  The top adjusts as well.  To shorten the body, you just tie higher on your waist (just as you can with any mei tai; because of the draw cord and angled waist straps, it doesn’t work well to roll the body of the Hop-Tye).  The sides of the body are lightly elasticized making them better able to hug the body of a small baby and preventing gaping at the side.  The body is lightly padded at the top and bottom and is just the two layers of wrap in the middle – this allows for a comfortable carry that molds well to baby’s body.

    With the bottom partially narrowed
  • Hood/Headrest:  The Miami Hop-Tye has a cute flower applique on the underside of the hood.  The hood can be rolled up and buttoned to the straps to form a headrest.  When up, the hood attaches to toggled straps on the shoulders.  The straps are designed so that you can attach them to the hood and then pull the hood up using the straps – very handy in a back carry.
  • Comfort:  I’ve been wearing the Hop-Tye quite a bit over the last week or so with Eleanor, sometimes for several hours, and have found it very comfortable.  While the Hop-Tye can handle the weight of the average toddler, I think it shines as a carrier for the under 1 set.  Like most mei tai wearers, I prefer shoulder padding and a more structured or padded waist for heavier/older kids.  But aside from woven wraps, I don’t think any carrier truly works perfectly for both infants and toddlers.  And of course, since this is a wrap conversion, it’s very snugly!
  • A Few Minor Quibbles:  I really didn’t find any huge negatives.  I do wish the Hop-Tye label on the shoulder was more subtle and it would have been nice for the applique to have been on the other side of the hood so it could be seen when down (especially since I don’t often use hoods).   I would have liked the waist to have had a shorter padded area – but for most people I don’t think that would be an issue.
  • Care and Wear:  Since it’s made from a Hopp, the Hop-Tye is very easy to care for and seems very durable.  It can be machine washed on warm (although Hopp recommends hanging to dry).  This isn’t a carrier I’d be afraid to use and abuse – spit-up, dirt, sweat…it can take it!

Final Thoughts…between the 3 wrap conversion mei tais produced by wrap companies I’ve tried, the Hop-Tye is definitely my favorite.  While the others also offered adjustable bases, I found the Hop-Tye to be an overall more comfortable carrier to wear.  I also think the other features – like the elasticized sides and draw string top – add to its suitability for small babies.  If you are in the market for a wrap conversion mei tai for a newborn or young infant, I think the Hop-Tai is an excellent choice.  Our happy pink Miami will be getting plenty of Eleanor snuggles over the next year or so for sure!



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  1. I love woven wraps too and think that wrap conversions are so beautiful. This one is no exception! How cool that it can be adjusted width wise! And that wrap is gorgeous!

  2. Yujin


    I’m really interested in getting a Hopp Tye and wondering if you liked your more than a woven? I’m very new to wovens and love it so far, but haven’t done a back carry by myself yet and I have a MT already so very familiar with them. Would you say the Hopp Tye is just as snuggly as a woven, but easier? Did you find the hood to be very useful? The hood and the easier back carry is what’s drawing me to the Hopp Tye, but I wonder if I would end up preferring the woven more since it’s so snuggly and comfy. Please let me know!

    • Meredith


      I think the answer is very much a personal preference. I still prefer woven wraps over any carrier I’ve tried – but that’s just what works best for me! I think if you like a mei tai and the snuggly factor of the woven, it’s worth trying a wrap conversion MT. I would say the HopTye is as snuggly as my wovens. The fit is a bit different of course since it ties on differently. I actually don’t use MT hoods ever since I don’t have one with wrapping and I’m used to carrying a sleeping baby without 😉 I’d say give it a try and see for yourself!

  3. irene mavridou

    irene mavridou

    Hello , i already have a mei tai with padded shoulders but it doesnt work good for me : i feel that the narrow straps put strain on my shoulders!do you think that the woven straps of the hop tye will be more comfortable?
    Thank you

  4. Maryam


    Great review! You mentioned that this was the best of three wrap conversions made by wrap companies, what are the other two? I’m looking for a mei tai similar in design to the Hop Tye (I really like the wrap straps), but organic and in the same price range.

    • Meredith


      Best only in that I preferred it over the others – but you may have a different opinion 😉 Didymos makes the DidyTai and Girasol makes the MySol. The DidyTai is most like the HopTye but is a bit floppier as it doesn’t have the slight body padding the HopTye has. It may also be a tad smaller in the body – but don’t quote me on that as it’s been a while since I tried on the DidyTai. Happy shopping!

  5. Nina Caven

    Nina Caven

    I have this EXACT one, very pink! Love it, sooo comfy, the wrap straps are perfect.

  6. Chastity


    I have a wrap carrier and love the comfort and support, but cannot seem to get the hang of a back carry for my 25lb toddler (who leans). I noticed that you said you prefer other carriers for a back carry. Could you tell me what they are. I need to be able to carry her for several hours on my back (even through her naps) without too much strain, or her darn near falling out from leaning.

  7. Amie


    Would you recommend the hop-tye over the baby hawk for a newborn?

    • Meredith


      I think both are great for newborns – really just personal choice as to which style you like best!

  8. Karen


    Is this Mei Tai reversible? Just deciding on a print/colour and want to make it daddy friendly (he’s actually wearing a solid black meitai right now).

    • Meredith


      You could wear it either way – depends on the model as to whether you get a different look!

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