Carrier Review and Giveaway!! Comfy Joey Water Sling

We finally managed to find some water today which means we were finally able to properly test out our Comfy Joey water sling sent to us by the lovely Ayesha at Comfy Joey!   Ayesha has also kindly offered to giveaway one (or more!) of her water slings to a Becoming Mamas reader – read on for details!

sling1 204x300 Carrier Review and Giveaway!!  Comfy Joey Water Sling

In our "Lagoon" Comfy Joey water sling

Having owned a few regular Comfy Joey slings, I can definitely say that the shoulder is both comfortable and user friendly.  If you are like me and somewhat ring sling challenged, the combination of pleats and gathers on the Comfy Joey shoulder makes it easy to get a comfortable carry.  The pleats give a bit of structure that helps you distribute the weight of the baby evenly across the sling and your shoulder and back; the gathers allow you to adjust the width of the sling to get a nice fit on your shoulder.  I have pretty scrawny shoulders which can make finding the right sling fit a challenge, but the Comfy Joey shoulder is easy for me to get right.

Like many carrier makers, Comfy Joey has turned to athletic mesh for water slings since solarveil is no longer in production.   Unlike solarveil, the mesh is soft right away (solarveil can be a tad scratchy).  Like solarveil, it does have a noticeable give/bounce to it that molds tightly around baby and cups your shoulder nicely.  The fabric doesn’t have a special UV rating like solarveil, but of course all fabric offers sun protection.  I didn’t have any concerns about it providing Eleanor enough sun coverage while we were swimming (I used the tail draped across her legs to keep the sun off of them).  And as any good water sling should do, the mesh dries quickly.  Even when fully wet, it didn’t feel heavy or annoying in or out of the water.  The mesh is lightweight and… well… meshy, so it breathes well.  We were already cooking in the 90s when we went swimming today, and I didn’t feel any hotter than I otherwise would carrying a baby around.  You can see Eleanor’s clothes through the sling in the picture which may give you an idea of how wonderfully thin the material is.

sling2 300x232 Carrier Review and Giveaway!!  Comfy Joey Water Sling

Eleanor says you really should try one!

It’s worth noting that this sling is intended primarily for use in water.  While it is safety rated to 35 pounds and can be used on dry land, the material won’t be the most supportive for the long haul with a bigger kid (in other words, it’s definitely safe but it won’t be the most comfortable choice out of the water for long term wearing).  I did wear Eleanor (who’s about 13 pounds) napping for about an hour in it today while out of the water and was comfortable the whole time.   And I’ve tested it briefly with 30 pound Callum out of the water as well.  Definitely would be fine if I needed to put him up on dry land in a pinch.  And of course it’s perfect for both kids in the water.   Because the mesh is so thin, these slings are made with small size metal slingrings.  I had no slippage, even with Callum.  The sling was easy to adjust as well and despite the give of the mesh, didn’t sag under either kid’s weight.

I think the mesh makes a great alternative to solarveil.  The softness is especially welcome, particularly if you happen to be slinging a wee one with sensitive skin.  Eleanor certainly approved icon smile Carrier Review and Giveaway!!  Comfy Joey Water Sling

A water sling is a nice addition to a carrier stash, particularly if you spend anytime around water – the pool, the lake, the beach – (although these would also be fabulous for showering with baby).  I was able to safely sling Eleanor while playing in the water with Callum; having both hands free is pretty key when you combine a toddler and water.  My only complaint is that I don’t get out to the pool more often!  While these are certainly great for summer wearing, we are hoping to do swimming lessons this winter and find an indoor pool for play – a sling will be welcome then as well.  And of course, showering with baby is a year round activity.

Comfy Joey water slings are available in several mesh and ring choices.   There are several size options as well (and a great size chart to help you figure out what size you need).  Plus Ayesha is super sweet and helpful should you have questions.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for…the giveaway!!  To enter the drawing for your choice of Comfy Joey water sling, simply leave us a comment below telling us what color sling you’d get if you won (colors listed here); also make sure you are a fan of both the Becoming Mamas Facebook page and the Comfy Joey Facebook page.

For every 100 entries, we’ll giveaway a sling!  Winner pays shipping (shipping costs here) and the contest is open to all.   All entries must be received by midnight Eastern time on Sunday, August 14; winner will be announced on Monday, August 15th.  Let us know if you have questions and good luck icon smile Carrier Review and Giveaway!!  Comfy Joey Water Sling


Editing to add…Comfy Joey is offering a 15% discount on all orders placed from now through August 30th.  This is a fundraiser for a family who recently lost everything in a house fire.  Full details and the code can be found on the Comfy Joey facebook page.



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