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Books and Resources

Recommended Websites

A few websites/organizations I love…Hope you find them as useful as I do!

Aha Parenting – Comprehensive guide to peaceful parenting at all ages and stages.

Babywearing International – Babywearing information and education – find a BWI group near you.

Best for Babes – Breastfeeding advocacy group.

Breastfeeding Reporter – Nancy Mohrbacher’s breastfeeding blog.

Breastfeeding USA – Breastfeeding information and support – find a Breastfeeding Counselor near you.

Childbirth Connection – Helpful information on pregnancy and birth from the National Partnership for Women & Families

Evidenced Based Birth – Excellent information on childbirth based on research.

Evolutionary Parenting – A fantastic resource for commentary on and summaries of the peer reviewed research on a wide range of topics from birth to infant sleep to child development.

KellyMom – Breastfeeding information and resources.

Mother Baby Sleep Lab – James McKenna’s information and research on bed sharing.

TheBabywearer – The original home of babywearing on the web.


Recommended Books

These are books that I’ve read and find in line with my parenting philosophy.  Please note that these links are Amazon Affiliate links; Becoming Mamas receives a small portion of any sales made via these links.

Pregnancy and Birth Books

General Baby Care & Health

Breastfeeding Books

Sleep Books

Parenting Books

Parenting Science Books

General Women’s Health

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