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Becoming Mamas Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Today is the last full day to place orders on Amazon for free 2-day shipping (which you get free by joining Amazon Mom. See the link below), so we wanted to share some of our favorite last minute gift ideas with you. We have recommended some of these before, but the prices have been reduced so much that we wanted to share them again.

Yes, we have a lot of boy-oriented gifts here, but all of Gavin’s friends are girls and they are equally happy with the “boy” toys. In fact, they seem to like them more than the “girl” toys.

We bought this wagon for Gavin and he looooves it! He would never sit in a stroller and he is getting too big to wear in his Ergo for long periods of time, so this wagon was a great option for us. My husband said it did smell like plastic when he took it out of the box. However, we let it air out in the garage overnight and it was fine the next day. I’m not a big fan of plastic, but this wagon is really cool. I chose it over some of the wooden or metal options because I like the seatbelts, drink holders, etc. The seatbelts keep Gavin from standing up in there, which he has tried more than once 😉 This wagon is a good option for the toddler who is transitioning out of babywearing but still hates the stroller.

Sprig is a company that was founded on the principles of keeping kids active and keeping the planet clean. Their products are made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. Their products don’t use batteries. Gavin is really into boats right now, so I plan to buy this for him for his birthday. We played with one at Pottery Barn Kids and he loved it. I was surprised how big this boat is compared to some of the other boat toys I’ve seen. It seems like a substantial product.

I’ve recommended this truck before, but Gavin loves it and as I write this, Amazon has marked the price down considerably. Gavin likes the other Green Toys trucks: the Green Toys Dump Truck and the Green Toys Eco-Friendly Firetruck. Green Toys is another company dedicated to using eco-friendly material, and they take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

One reason I like this garage is because the service station is actually for electric or hybrid vehicles, which is pretty cool. This garage has several levels and several areas for parking the cars. Educo is a division of Hape. Although I do not know a lot about the company, it seems like the company does try to be environmentally-friendly and socially responsible. When I compared other products that are similar to this one such as the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Parking Garage, Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage, and Alex Parking Garage, the Educo parking garage seemed to be the best value.

Gavin received this bike from his grandparents for his birthday. Although I originally wanted the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle or Plan Toy Wooden Trike for Gavin, his grandma did some research and thought this one sounded better for him. I agreed, and I think it will be perfect. Gavin wasn’t quite tall enough for the Radio Flyer trike yet, so this one will work great, and he won’t have to grow into it as much as the other one. Gavin loves watching the kids in the neighborhood play on their bikes and scooters, and now he’ll get to join in the fun. As I write this, the blue version of the bike is marked down 50%. The pink and red versions are marked down, too, but not as much.

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