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Becoming Mamas’ Gift Guide: Doll Play

Here at Becoming Mamas, we think dolls make great gifts for both girls and boys! Doll play is a great activity to encourage creativity and imagination. Even young toddlers love mimicking the things they see around them; feeding, dressing, and talking to dolls are all great ways for young children to explore “grown up” roles and better understand the world around them. Dolls also grow with your child. A very young child might just need a doll to cuddle. As he grows older, that doll becomes a buddy to talk to and play with. By preschool, doll play begins to evolve into complex imaginary scenarios which will become increasingly sophisticated as your child grows older. Dolls are toys that will get lots of love over the years.

Here are a few of our favorite doll and doll related items for your toddler.

Nova Naturals carries some of my favorite dolls and doll related items – these are hand crafted, eco-friendly toys that will be treasures for years to come.

For Christmas last year, Callum received one of these Cuddle Dolls. They have soft bodies and faces and snuggly terry cloth “clothes” that make them live up to their cuddly name. “Pip” has been a big hit, especially the last few months as Callum’s interest in pretend play has grown.

For a slightly older toddler who is interested in a more “grown up” sort of doll, Nova offers the Little Friends and Big Friends lines. Both have removable clothing and additional outfits and come in a range of hair and skin colors. These are great for toddlers who are ready to explore pretend play and need a little side kick to come along for the ride.

Nova also offers adorable accessories such as slings, swings, and strollers. These are made to last! The fabric used is the same sturdy and comfy material used to make BB Slen wraps so your little one can have a carrier just like mamas 😉

This year, Callum is getting one of these Haba Soft Dolls. Like the Little and Big Friends from Nova, they have a bit more “grown up” look but are still soft and cuddly. They are available in a range of hair and skin colors as well.

If your little one is ready for a doll house, you might consider the Plan Toys line (told you we love Plan Toys!). There are several different house options as well as different furniture sets and doll house families.

If you want to start simple (a good idea for the youngest toddlers), a Doll Familyand basic Furniture Setmight be the way to go. If you are ready to go all out, one of the Doll House with Furnituresets might be a better option. The nice thing about doll houses like these is they allow you to add on accessories as your child gets older; this is definitely a toy that will be played with for years.

These dolls from Global Green Palsare not only adorable, they are also made from recycled material making them a great eco-friendly gift. There are several equally cute options to choose from.

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