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Adventures in DIY: Preschool Backpack

Callum’s new robot backpack – not too bad!

A while back I shared with you one of my first “real” sewing projects – a “shabby chic” messenger bag.  I’ve made a few more since and definitely think bag making is a great way to test out your sewing skills.  The construction is pretty straight forward, there’s plenty of room to experiment with trims, stitching, etc., it’s ok if your measurements end up a bit off or if your stitching is crooked – it will still hold stuff.   Really, if I can do this, so can you!!

Callum’s new backpack in action.

Callum had a super cute little backpack from Bratsacks …but its strap had an unfortunate accident.  I repaired it, but it just wasn’t the same.  Plus, I needed a good excuse to try my hand at a new bag project!  Callum picked out the cute robot fabric (on sale at our local Joann’s) and I used some leftover red cotton duck from mei tai making.  The lining is just some solid blue broadcloth I’ve had laying around for ages.  Toss in a length of cord for the tie, a few snaps and my handy new Kam pliers (which I’m finding all sorts of fun uses for), some thread and we were ready to go!

As far as a “pattern” goes, I basically just used the dimensions of the backpack we had and added a bit for the seam allowances.   I took a look at a couple of different tutorials on making a drawstring bag (there’s a nice list here) and put some elements together.  And then I just guessed at the best construction method based on the bag I had and the drawstring tutorials.  And, hey, it worked!!  I boo-booed a few times – once in forgetting to sew the straps in on the bottom when I attached the back and bottom panels – yay for seam rippers!  And my inner lining is actually a tad wide and therefore bunchy at the top.  But all things considered, it turned out pretty cute!


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