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About Us

Becoming Mamas is a blog begun by two mamas, Meredith and Holly.  We met back in 2008 in an online parenting forum while pregnant with our first kids (who were born one day apart!).  We started this blog in hopes that we could reach an audience who practice attachment parenting and natural living but still live the “real world.” You know, the world where we serve our kids canned beans sometimes instead of making them from scratch, but still push companies to stop filling those cans with BPA. It is also a world where we think it is totally okay to sleep in the same bed as your kids or let them sleep in a crib. Work or stay home. Eat organic or not. Hold your baby all day or put them down sometimes when you need a break. Our culture isn’t always accommodating to mamas, especially those who want to breastfeed in public or avoid chemicals in everything we eat. We try our best, just like you.

As the title of our blog suggests, we feel like we are in the process of becoming mamas. A mama is someone who has wisdom, is warm, and holds her babies close. While we certainly aren’t the all-knowing Mama, we hope to share what we’ve learned along our journey.

Meredith – mama to Callum, Eleanor, Declan, and Cora – is passionate about babywearing, breastfeeding, and birth issues. She has extensive experience with baby carriers, especially wraps, and is a Master Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International;  she is currently also the co-leader of BWI New Haven.  Meredith also works as a breastfeeding counselor with Breastfeeding USA‘s CT chapter.   When she’s not being a mama, Meredith is busy as an Assistant Professor of Secondary English Education at Southern Connecticut State University.

Holly has moved on to other projects but you can still catch her posts in our archives!

A note on advertising and affiliate links…you may find affiliate links in some of our posts (if you are taken to Amazon, that’s an affiliate link!).  Should you make a purchase after clicking on an affiliate link or an advertisement, we do receive a small referral fee. These referral fees pay for our web hosting…and maybe the occasional milkshake or hot chocolate 🙂  You can also buy me a coffee if you enjoyed what you read!

We love feedback, so please feel free to contact us or leave comments.

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